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I need a booster dose but I was vaccinated against COVID-19 abroad. Now what?

It has been scientifically proven that booster doses augment the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. And it is also known that many people, for various reasons, may not currently be in the same country they were vaccinated in, and are in need of a booster dose.

How does this work for someone currently in Portugal?

After consulting with experts from the Ministry of Health, we can give you some good news. It is, in fact, possible to get a booster dose even if you have been vaccinated abroad!

Alongside the correspondent authorities, a transcription of your foreign vaccines is needed in order to be entered into the Portuguese Health System.

Additionally, you would need to apply for your Portuguese Health Number - Número de Utente. This might take some time, but it should not be a problem: The Ministry of Health will give you a temporary Health Number in the meantime to use solely for COVID purposes.

Nevertheless, having a Número de Utente in Portugal gives you many advantages, even if you do not currently find yourself in the situation described above. Imagine living in Portugal (which is already magnificent as it is), and having access to vast forms of free healthcare. Sounds like paradise to us.

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